Veolia Water Technologies is proud to announce that its joint venture with Permodalan Darul Ta’zim (PDT), a Johor State Government entity, has been awarded a new contract to support PETRONAS’ Pengerang Integrated Complex (PIC) in Johor, scheduled for completion in 2019.

Over a term of three years, Veolia will provide its expertise in the form of operations and maintenance support to PETRONAS’ raw water supply project or Projek Air Mentah RAPID (PAMER) for the PIC.

PAMER PETRONAS supplies 230 million liters per day (MLD) of raw water to the whole of PIC and 30 MLD of raw water for the State Government.

Veolia’s contribution to the PIC will enable PETRONAS to achieve sustainable performance and help the State to establish new engines of growth for Malaysia.

PETRONAS’ PIC comprises the Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development project (RAPID) and associated facilities, including a cogeneration power plant, a re-gasification terminal, an air separation unit, a deepwater terminal, and also centralised and shared utilities and facilities.

PAMER comprises the following facilities under five categories:

·Intake Works: An intake and raw water pumping station, substation, and transformer yard located at Sungai Sedili Besar, approximately 80 km north of PIC.

·Seluyut Dam: A main dam, a saddle dam, an administration building, a compressor house, a boat house, a switching station, a store, and 1,007 hectares of impounding area with an approximate capacity of 8 months raw water storage based on 260MLD

·Booster Pumping Station: A pump station, a generator station, a switch station, and transformer yard

·Terminal Reservoir: A reinforced concrete reservoir, a switching house, and a substation with an approximate capacity of 12 hours raw water storage

·Raw Water Mains: Providing 1) 19 km single pipeline from Sedili Besar Intake Works to Seluyut Dam; 2) 56 km twin pipelines from Booster Pumping Station to Bukit Panjang Terminal Reservoir; 3) 13 km twin pipelines from Bukit Panjang Terminal Reservoir to the PIC boundary

Throughout the three-year renewable contract, Veolia will provide the client with strong guarantees on raw water availability and offer Veolia’s expertise in operations and maintenance. Veolia will tailor its support to help PETRONAS derive maximum efficiency from its installations.

Mohammed Akhir Ahmad, Managing Director, Operations & Maintenance, Veolia Water Technologies, South East Asia, concluded, “As a leading global provider of water and wastewater solutions, Veolia has strong capabilities in operating and maintaining industrial and municipal water facilities worldwide.

This collaboration is significant to Veolia as it validates the Malaysian Government’s trust in our water capabilities. We are proud to be a valued partner in this dynamic project, and we look forward to supporting similar initiatives in the near future.”

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