PDT’s existence as a Government-Linked Company (GLC) for almost 30 years has contributed to Johor’s bustling economy. The organisation facilitates the sharing of expertise and technology, whilst encouraging research and development (R&D) efforts through privatisation.

Since its establishment, PDT has worked ahead of its timeline, spurring Johor’s economic growth based on the primary needs of the time. Until today, we continuously carve out strategic capabilities, positioning and spurring operations in order for PDT to stay relevant.

We participate in sectors that require high skill sets, professionalism and technological best practices, hence elevating PDT to similar levels of competence with international industry players. PDT’s well-drilled professionalism and corporate work culture will ensure a wider involvement from big companies to establish cooperation with us in various sectors.

Anchored on the slogan ‘Energizing A Greater Future’, we are actively creating and executing radical strategic plans that are focussed on four core businesses which are:

  1. Water, Wastewater, Energies and Environment;
  2.  Oil and Gas;
  3. Infrastructure and Property Development
  4. Strategic Businesses and Investments

The cores are the catalysts that form PDT’s policy to provide a stable and consistent foundation to contribute continuously to Johor’s growth and spur the state’s economy, in line with efforts to establish Johor as a developed state by 2030.